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Quality replacement Parts for manual pallet trucks – Fit most of Generic Standard Pallet Jack

Eoslift’s popular pallet jack replacement accessories fit most standard pallet trucks for long lasting performance.
Our popular wheels –  high grade 95A durometer red polyurethane, and are also available in a solid nylon variety. The load wheel features a hub length measuring 3916″ with a 2 1516” diameter, and the steering wheel measures 2” across the hub length and a 7” diameter. They are available with or without bearings, and are always in stock for immediate shipment. Other accessories including bearing, circlip & elastic pin set, PU loading kit, PU steering kit, and complete PU wheels kit available for easy purchase. Parts like seal kit, valve kit and pump for M25 and M25D Workman are available in stock. Handle type A and Jack stop are always in stock, feel free to check out on our replacement part on our pallet jack / pallet truck.

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