Pallet Jack with Scale


Scale Pallet Truck with Mettler Toledo Weighing System
Model: E20MP

Scale Pallet Truck

Capacity (LBS.)Fork Size W x LWheel Material
440027 x 48"PU
For additional product specifications download the PDF sheet using the link below.


Eoslift’s Scale Pallet Truck provides users with a great option to measure the weight as it is moved from one place to the other. The excellent quality Mettler Toledo weighing system is especially convenient for shipping and delivery. This pallet truck has an inbuilt weight measuring system that displays weight readings of the objects placed on it. The elegant combination of a pallet truck and a weighing scale does away with the need of a separate operation to weigh an object and therefore saves time and money. Eoslift’s Scale Pallet Trucks are rugged, dependable, and ideal for accurate weighing’s. The pallet truck’s scales have been designed for use in demanding areas such as shipping docks, warehouses, and piecework production lines. With printer option.


High Price–Performance Ratio


– Heavy-duty industrial grade products with entry-level cost

– Improve efficiency and simplify logistic processes

– Save time and space


Stable Structure


– The truck is designed with high-strength steel construction for durability

– Durable powder coat finish


Low Energy Consumption


– Powered by 2× 900mAh button cells

– Battery life: 300 operating hours (backlight off)




– Dustproof and waterproof (Protection degree of gage outfit: IP53, Protection degree of sensor: IP67)

– An iron cover added to the indicator to protect it from shock

– Compact indicator saves space, economic for transportation




– Easy-to-read backlit displays

– The indicator has four keys for easy operation

– Overload protection


Outstanding Accuracy


– Filter is used to compensate for vibration and improves the measurement accuracy

– High accuracy, with maximum error: 0.05%

Price: $2,190.00


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