Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric Pallet Truck
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Overall Safety

  • The floating-mounted belly switch secures automatic reverse brake
  • The tiller with buffer springs provides end-of-stroke resistance to
    avoid accidental collision
  • The operator can proortaionally adjust the traction speed to control
    the truck


Great Comfort

  • Ergonomicaly handles can be operated tirelessly. The buttons are easy to reach and can be activated with little effort.
  • Exceptional manoeuvrability in extremely confined areas ensured by creep speed button

Convenient Service

  • The maintenance-free AC drive motor features no carbon brushes to replace
  • The upper part and lower part of tiller-head are joined through four socket screws , easily to be assembled and disassembled
  • Easy access to internal components through one-piece front cover


Proven Durable

  • The strong , composite plastic covers provide reliable protection to internal components such as motors
  • The industrial solid castor assembly speak for themselves with time proven results
  • The maintenance-free AC drive motor offers 2 year warranty

Features and Benefits

Proven Durable

  • The operator / truck interface
  • Long tiller arm
  • Motor and battery cover
  • Multifunction display with hourmeter , maintenance indication , battery discharge indicator and internal fault code indication
  • AC motor
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Polyurethane drive wheel
  • Tandem polyurethane load wheels
  • Fork dimensions : 685×1150(mm)
  • Cold store protection to -10ºC
  • Vertical battery change
  • Horn
  • Proportional speed control
  • Creep speed control

Optional Equipment

  • Side battery change
  • Alternative fork lengths and widths
  • Soft fold back
  • CAN-Bus architecture



Model Wt/Size/% W16 W20
Power unit Battery Battery
Operation lb 3520 4400
Load Center in 23.6 23.6
Axle centre to fork face in 34.4 35.6
Wheel base lb 1144 1320
Axle load with load,drive/load side lb 1720.4/2943.6 2048.2/3671.8
Axle load without load,drive/load side lb 858/286 1009.8/310.2
 Tyre,operator/load side  in  PU  PU
 Tyre size,drive side  in  φ9.1×2.95  φ9.1×2.95
 Tyre size,load side  in  φ3.3×3.1  φ3.3×3.1
 Tyre size,shock side  in  φ3.9×1.6  φ3.9×1.6
 Wheels number,drive/shock/load  in  20.8  20.8
 Track width,load side  in  20.1  20.1
 Lift  in  4.7  4.7
 Height of tiller arm in operation,max/min  in  47.9/32  47.9/32
 Fork height,lowered  in  3.3  3.3
 Overall length  in  67.8  69.6
 Length to fork face  in  39.4  41.3
Overall width in 28.3 28.3
Fork dimensions in 27*45.3 27*45.3
Ground clearance,center of wheelbase in 2.95 2.95
Aisle width,1000x1200mm pallet crosswise in 91.4 93.3
Turning radius in 59.8 61.7
Travel speed,with/without load km/h 4/5 4/5
Lift speed,with/without load m/s 0.030/0.035 0.030/0.032
Lower speed,with/without load m/s 0.045 0.045
Maximum climbing ability ,with/without load % 5/8 5/7
Acceleration time ,with/without load s 8s/6s 8s/6s
Drive motor output(60min.rating) kw AC1.2 AC1.5
Lift motor output(15% rating) kw 0.8 0.8
Battery voltage /rated capacity(5h) V/Ah 24V/160Ah 24V/160Ah
Battery weight(±5%) lb 396 451
Type of drive control LAC LAC
Sound level at driver’s ear db ≤70 ≤70

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