Extra high semi electronic or manual Stackers, reliable and stable offering variable fork lowering speeds


Semi-Electric Stacker Model: S15J

Reliable & Stable

1600W lift motor, heavy duty pump and control valve ensure the dependability
of hydraulics. Built-in safety valve prevents overloading.
Automatic Flow control valve blocks excessive pressure and provides variable
fork lowering speed. Solid chrome plated piston rod guarantees smooth lift/lower operation
Mast constructed of structural steel for enhanced stability, and optimal

Reliable & Stable

  • All back forks have strengthening units to ensure durability of the truck
  • Robotic welding technology provides for superior finish and overall structural durability
  • Ruggedly built forks with C –channel formed steel
  • 7 inches poly steer wheels provide exceptional maneuverability


  • Solid chrome-plated ram and piston to minimize rust
  • Overloaded Valve design to prevent from misuse of the truck and reduce maintenance cost
  • Fully enclosed pump seals out contamination and prevents oil leaking
  • Easy access to lubrication points for ease of maintenance


  • Standard EOSLIFT handle with ergonomic loop design reduces the fatigue of operators
  • Pallet entry and exit rollers and tapered design offers easier and faster pallet entry and exit


  • The hydraulic handle offers three control positions : lift , lower and neutral
  • German engineered high quality poly seals ensure excellent performance


Product No. Caps (lbs.) Lifting Height Wt. (lbs.) Price (Ea.)
S15J 118″ 737 $3470.00

Manual Stacker Model: H10J

Manual stacker
Manual stacker with adjustable leg H10J, lifting height 63″

Reliable & Stable

  • Advanced plating technology and processes can improve the corrosion resistance of the surface.
  • Can be used in low-corrosive environment, cold room and clean room.
  • Plating technology on the frame, handle, wheel frame and pushing rod.
  • As the nylon wheel is more useful in a clean circumstance, so this type only can be equipped with nylon wheel.Conforms to EN ISO3691-5:2009.
Product No. Caps (lbs.) Fork Size W x L Wheels Wt. (lbs.) Price (Ea.)
H10J 2200 3.9 X 42” Nylon 622 $1499.00

Electric Pallet Stacker Model: T12J / T12JS

High Efficiency Electric Pallet Trucks for Model T12J and T12JS


  • Suitable for narrow spaces such as truck loading and unloading, supermarkets and workshops
  • High quality, low noise AC drive Motor and AC drive motor provided powerful acceleration
  • The maintenance-free AC drive motor is designed with no carbon brushes to replace
  • Low-Battery locking function extends the battery life
  • Electromagnetic and regenerative braking system greatly improves the efficiency
  • Safe and silent drive with continuously variable speed
  • Intelligent System -Equipped with LIONMAN fleet management system – Optional

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